Nilpeter Modular 16" Multi-Substrate flexo press

Unwind Module

10 Color

40" unwind reel capacity

3" pneumatic roll lift

Splicing table with pneumatic web clamps

Motorized shaft for unwind unit

Automatic web guide

Automatic infeed section

Prepared for standard web cleaner and Corona treater

Print Module

Dual print head module incl. of solid steel bed section with dual frame roller support.

Easy access open area for web threading

Direct servo-driven, gearless shaft for "easy load" plate sleeves

Quick-change doctor roller, doctor blade holder and ink tray

Control panel incl. of functionality for print unit, electronic pre-register, speed dial for length register and electronic side register

Multi-substrate upgrade, light weight web-driven chill rollers

Servo-driven print pacing mounted on chill roller at exit chill roller

Prepared for Drop-In screen printing cassettes

Prepared for delamination and relamination equipment, ie. with cold foil

Rewind Module

40" rewind unit

3" pneumatic shaft

Dual arm pneumatic roll lift

Taper tension control

Main control panel for all press operation including counting system

Prepared for sheeting unit and control system

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